Mask Making Machine

TH-KZ-102 Inner Ear Loop Mask Machine Catalog

Operating voltage
AC220V, 50/60hz
Rated power 20 KW
Compressed air 0.5-0.7mpa


 TH-KZ-102 Inner Ear Loop Mask Machine Catalog
This equipment is used for the production of flat ear-band masks (one for one), manual feeding of the whole roll of fabric (up to 4 pieces can be supported), conveyed by rollers, multi-layered fabrics are folded by the roller mechanism to receive the edges, and the nose beam roll material is discharged , Drive package after fixed- length cutting, ultrasonic welding edge banding, section cutting to form a single mask; output one by one to the earband welding machine, automatically weld the earband through the ultrasonic welding machine, and automatically stack the output end ( 1-20pcs can be stacked according to the set number)


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