Mask Making Machine

Simplified KN95 Mask Making Machine DG-300F

Item No.: DG-300F
Size:1280mm (L) x 680mm (W) x1250mm (H)
Weight(N/G):92 KG/142KG
Voltage:AC220V, 50/60hz
Production Spead:50pcs/1min
Delivery time:After receive the deposit, 15days
Simplified KN95 Mask Making Machine DG-300F without Nose Bridge Attaching System

Product Specifications

KN95 mask making machine is used for automatic production of KN95 mask
Moving machine, using ultrasonic technology, will be 3~5 layers of PP non-woven cloth, activated carbon
As well as the filter material adhesive, and cut out the folding mask body.
With the edge sealing machine and KN95 ear band machine can realize the rapid production of KN95 mask
The most important feature of the machine is that it works without stopping. It is driven by high-speed servo motor.
Accurate alignment.
Equipment production cycle is short, simple operation, can be quickly put into production
The device can realize the welding of the main body of the mask sheet and the built-in bridge of the nose.

The machine parameters
Model DG-300F
Machine Size 1280mm (L) x 680mm (W) x1250mm (H)
Weight(N/G) 92 KG/142KG
Voltage: AC220V, 50/60hz
Power 2000W

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