Mask Making Machine

TH-GS-N95 Automatic Mask Machine

Operating voltage
AC220V, 50/60hz
Rated power 20 KW
Compressed air 0.5-0.7mpa


 TH-GS-N95 Automatic Mask Machine
Equipment overview: The N95 mask machine automatic production line is a fully automated machine for the production of N95 and KN 95makss. This automatic production line is mainly composed of a coil feeder, a nose bridge welding machine, an ear band welding machine and a forming machine. The roll feeder can supply a variety of non-woven fabrics. Masks usually contain two or three layers of non-woven fabric and one or two layers of meltblown fabric. This automatic production line can be used from the ear band welding, folding, forming, until the N95 mask finished product discharge is fully manual operation is required to realize fully
automated production corresponding raw production mask specifications: N95. KN95 (3-5layers), the shape of the mask can be customized according to the customized hob mold.
Welding method: Ultrasonic Production efficiency: 70-90pcs/min


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