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Big screen hot and cold strap cutting machine

Item No.: DG-988
Size:560mm (L) x 420mm (W) x 410mm (H)
Weight:25 KG
Voltage:AC220V, 50/60hz
Cutting Width:1-95mm
Cutting Length:1-99999mm
Delivery time:After receive the deposit, 7days
Big screen hot and cold strap cutting machine  DG-899

Product Specifications

The tape cutting machine features combined hot and cold use, it adopts electromechanical integrating technology, it automatically adjusts the length data through the input of computer program.It not only works with easy and safe operation, also, the machine can be applied for many materials. Besides, the cutter is especially user-friendly.
Cold knife cutting, computer control. cutting speed:110 per minute can be cut (50mm  length,for example)
you can cut meterial:woven elastic, nylon ribbon, color ribbon, backpack, eather, rubber hose, zipper etc material.

This machine mainly used for Nylon Webbing Velcro Zipper Belt, cutting width 3.7inch / 95mm, cutting thickness 1-2mm. Cold cutting is mainly applied to Velcro, zipper belt, etc. Hot cutting is mainly used for nylon belt, which cut edge needs to be heated after cutting.
Equipment size 560mm (L) x 420mm (W) x 410mm (H)
Equipment weight 25 KG
Operating voltage AC220V, 50/60hz
Rated power 0.75KW
Cutting Width 1-95mm
Cutting Length 1-99999mm
Blade Temprature 250-350
Knife Tool cold/hot
Delivery time After receive the deposit, 7days

Product characteristic

1.Combined hot and cold use.

2.Automatic program with micro-computer control.

3.Higher quality heating tube to prolong the service time.

4.Delicate cutting effect for almost zero error.

5.Higher efficiency with quicker speed.

6.Grounded triple plug with inner fuse to ensure security.

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