Shoe making production line
QY-533-T Vertical lean production line (With light stand and fast speed type )
Product Features:
1,Vertical line is equipped with one-piece LED lighting, which will improve the problem of insufficient light in working space and improve production
2,The oven and brush glue working position are equipped with exhaust devices, drying and activated carbon design, and the exhaust gas can be filtered out by the activated carbon to meet the safety emission standard.
3,Vertical lean production mode, designed according to the requirements of 5S, only separate layer except section, it's suitable for the variety style of shoes for each process at one Line.
3,Travelling design, reasonable use the space, conform to the production prrocess.
4,Three layers of hanging basket design, top layer place the upper, middle layer place shoe last/insole, and lower layer place outsole and the tray can
be removable, lower layer tray can be removed when product the high boots.
5,After downsizing staff and shortened and integration process, enhance the skillful production process smoothly and team effectiveness to finish
production of timing and quantitative.

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