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PP(65)Cofiguration of melt blown cloth production single screw extruder DG-321

Item No.: DG-321
(1)Screw diameter:465mm,aspect ratio:30:1;
Screw barrel:38CrMoALA;
Depth of nitriding layer:0.4-0.7mm;
Delivery time:After receive the deposit, 15days
PP(65)Cofiguration of melt blown cloth production line

1)Fully automatic cup mask Equipment configuration(product width is between 300-600)one set-single screw extruder


  1. Screw diameter:465mm,aspect ratio:30:1; Screw barrel:38CrMoALA; Depth of nitriding layer:0.4-0.7mm;

  2. The motor:Frequency conversion motor; Rate:22KM;

  3. Reducer:hard tooth surface,produced in Jiangyin,JiangSu,173reducer;

  4. Extrusion volume:50-120kg/h;

  5. Heater:Ceramic heater,power:25KW warming in four zone,nose heating:two zone;

  6. Drum cooling mode:fan cooling 0.18KW/4 zone;

  7. Temperature control in instruments:domestic products;

  8. Electric Control:ZhengTai Electric;

2)Equipped with a 50kg dryer and 1 300L automatic feeding machine

3)Flat belt conveyor of model type 500

  1. Driving motor:0.75KW,Variable frequency speed regulation;
  2. Suction fan power 4KW;
  3. Structural material:aluminum alloy frame;
  4. Transport mode:Polyester strip transport;800mm width;

4)One set of slitting and rewinding machine model 600

  1. Cutting knife:4pieces of cutting knife,RV reducer to adjust the angle of cutting knife;
  2. Flat roller:make the product stretch smoothly;
  3. Rubber roller:friction rewinding,1.5KW frequency conversion speed regulation;

5)Static electret:Maximum output power:150KW,one set;

6)Permanent magnet constant voltage variable frequency screw air compressor,one set;

Power:22KW,volume flow:3.6m/min

7)Air storage,one set;

Tank volume:1.0m³

8)Mold hot air heater,one set;

Heating power:50KW

9)Compressed air purifier,one set;
  1. Inertial collision filtering;
  2. Adsorption and absorption,and electrostatic dust removal method to achieve the removal of solid particles in the compressed air droplets,oil mist;

☆☆Melting spray cloth mold:


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